The Villiers Stakes results play an important role in informing punters’ form understanding for the summer carnival. Villiers Stakes results are often reasonably easy to pick, as most competing horses have just been through a lengthy spring carnival and exhibited the extent of their skills.

Due to the extensive information available to determine form, picking the Villiers Stakes winner isn’t anywhere near as hard as many other races. However, because most of the field is at peak fitness, in order to appear in the Villiers Stakes results a horse has to have a flawless run.

Notable Villiers Stakes winners include Bernborough (1945), Rising Prince (1984), and Monton (2011).

Villiers Stakes results since 2000 are listed below.

Villiers Stakes Results

Year Winner Runner-Up Third Winner’s Time
2017 Crack Me Up Cabeza De Vaca Interlocutor 1:34.9
2016 Sense of Occasion Dibayani Sarrasin 1:37.4
2015 Happy Clapper Tinto It’s Somewhat 1:33.9
2014 Rudy I’m Imposing Strawberry Boy 1:36.3
2013 Ninth Legion Limes Alma’s Fury 1:36.3
2012 All Legal Alma’s Fury Darci Be Good 1:35.8
2011 Monton Kontiki Park King Lionheart 1:36.3
2010 Dances On Waves Mentality Snow Alert 1:35.0
2009 Palacio De Cristal Parfumier Spinney 1:34.7
2008 (Dec)Something Anything Hey Elvis Rags To Riches 1:36.3
2008 (Jan) Honor In War Takeover Target Alverta 1.21.5
2006 Utzon Anwaar Spirit of Tara 1.35.2
2005 Aqua D’Amore Malcolm Fiery Venture 1.35.4
2004 Ike’s Dream Dante’s Paradiso Sir Dex 1.33.1
2003 On a High Mufti Jeremiad 1.35.8
2002 Boreale This Manshood Silver Birch 1.34.8
2001 Carael Boy Space Age Osca Warrior 1.36.5
2000 Grey And Gold Taberann Forbill 1.36.1